Code of Conduct

Skepticon 2021 is organised by Australian Skeptics Inc and NZ Skeptics so that everyone can have a good time. We welcome people from all backgrounds (such as sex, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, or abilities). We want everyone to feel comfortable in that environment and ask that everyone who participates respects this diversity.  

Accordingly, we require all participants, presenters, and organisers to note and comply with the following code of conduct:  

  • Be polite and respectful. We encourage spirited discussions about all kinds of potentially controversial topics, but always be courteous.  
  • No hate speech, vilification or promotion of violence.  
  • No intimidating or threatening behaviour of any kind – physical or verbal.  

We reserve the right to exclude or remove any person who breaches this code from Skepticon without a refund, and to exclude that person from attending future events.

The content of the conference is copyright of NZ Skeptics and Australian Skeptics, and may not be shared without our express permission.