Australian Skeptics

The Skeptical movement in Australia is a loose confederation of groups and individuals who are interested in and regularly investigate pseudo-scientific and paranormal claims from a responsible scientific viewpoint.

These claims range from what we might call the lighter end of the scale (UFOs, monsters and ghosts) where the most you can lose is probably some money or a little time, to those very dark areas of psychic schemes and quack cures where the results can be dangerous, damaging or even fatal.

New Zealand Skeptics

The New Zealand Skeptics form a network of New Zealanders including scientists, health professionals, magicians, teachers and many others from all walks of life. 

Members have a variety of religious faiths, economic beliefs and political leanings, but are all interested in examining what objective scientific support there is for claims of such things as psychic abilities, alternative health practices, creationism and other areas where science, pseudo-science and shonky science interact.