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Having started as an alternative metal and grunge band, Distill has evolved over the years to include influences from genres like post rock, ambient and progressive metal in their music and are based in New Delhi, India. Abhijit and guitarist Sriram are the oldest members of the band as it is now, in more ways than one, with Vocalist Varun joining in a bit later and Prijo more recently on drums.

Abhijit Chanda, Distill's bass player, is also the founder of BeRationable.com and host of The Rationable Podcast.

Rationable is a website and podcast that promotes critical thinking and science as tools to fact check your world. For the last couple of years, Abhijit has been posting deep dives about vaccines, alternative medicine, and other pseudoscientific ideas to offer people an evidence-based resource to help them discern reality from fakery. He has also conducted several interviews with the likes of Richard Saunders, Leonard Tramiel, Dr Sumaiya Sheikh and Dr Shantanu Abhyankar on topics ranging from Ayurveda to aliens.


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