Code of Conduct


The Gold Coast Skeptics Inc. events are organised so that everyone can have a  good time. We welcome people from all backgrounds (such as sex,  ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, or abilities). 

We want  everyone to feel comfortable in that environment, and ask that everyone  who attends our events respects this diversity.

  • Accordingly,  we require all attendees, presenters, organisers and volunteers at Gold Coast Skeptics Inc. events to note and comply with the following code of conduct:

  • Be  polite and respectful. We encourage spirited discussions about all kinds  of potentially controversial topics, but always be courteous.

  • No touching without the consent of the other person. If unsure, don’t.

  • No hate speech, vilification or promotion of violence.

  • No intimidating or threatening behaviour of any kind – physical or verbal.

  • During presentations, don’t be disruptive.

Two additional things regarding speakers and presentations:

  • Please do not interrupt talks, presentations and panels unless a  presenter specifically allows it. When permitted, avoid comments and  keep your questions short.

  • Most presenters will be available for a chat after their talk, but don’t monopolise them and consider others.

The Gold Coast Skeptics Inc. reserves the right to exclude entry to or remove any person who breaches this code from the event in question without a refund, and to exclude that person from attending future ASI events. We will report illegal conduct to the police.


Please  come and talk to one of our event organisers or committee members. We  will be scattered around the event and at the front desk. 

We assure you that your concerns will be taken seriously and treated with respect. Coming forward does not mean you  have to make a formal complaint and anything you raise will be kept confidential if you wish.


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