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Our new speakers will to teach us all how to be a Skeptical Activist.

It is of no surprise, but of great frustration, to those in the Skeptic community witnessing the false and often downright bizarre claims being made about health and medicine spurred on by the recent COVID pandemic.

Of course, pseudoscientific assertions have long persisted in all areas of healthcare, often causing harm or death as a result. Jo Benhamu and Mandy-Lee Noble are no strangers to this, working in fields often targeted by misinformation and woo.

Mandy is an accredited Practising Dietitian and verified Health At Every Size ® (HAES®) Practitioner and looks after a range of clients, including those with eating disorders, IBS and chronic disease. Her aim is to help her clients make sense of the jungle of information out there and build trust in themselves to look after their bodies.

Together, Jo and Mandy will talk us through what we as a Skeptic community can do to help fight for ethical and evidence-based approaches to healthcare in their Skeptic Activism Workshop.

Early Bird Tickets on sale now until 26th Sept:

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