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Skeptcicon 2020 will be ONLINE

Thank you everyone who completed our survey over the past 24 hours. The comments of support and constructive feedback were extremely positive and well received.

Overwhelmingly we received the message that people are happy to attend an online (or mixed) event and would only attend face-to-face if it was safe to do so.

With this in mind, we have decided to opt for a purely "online" format - a "co-Vid" conference if you will...

More excitingly, this will a first for an Australian Skeptics National Conference. Unprecedented some might even say!! (Ok, ok, I will stop with the terrible jokes now).

We already have a fantastic line up of speakers so we anticipate that this conference will be just as fun and intellectually simulating as any other - and you don't even have to put your pants on or leave the couch!

If there are any people in the Skeptisphere that have experience in online conferences we would love to hear from you; please email us at we would love your help and/or guidance.

More announcements coming soon - watch this space!!

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