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Skepticism that is music to your ears...

The Skeptic Community is a passionate one, and if you are reading this then chances are that you are part of this wonderful group of like-minded people. Most of us feel strongly about educating others about science and critical thinking, but most of us aren’t in fields or professions typically associated with teaching. So what can the rest of us do in to help promote skepticism and educate those around us?

Nathan Eggins is a performer and science communicator and he is passionate about science, psychology and skepticism. His uses his art to promote critical thinking and is constantly searching for creative ways to educate and open others up to new perspectives. Bound to make you laugh, and maybe learn something new along the way, Nathan teaches us how we might teach others with his talk, “Keeping science S.E.X.Y. - Creative approaches to Skepticism”.

Early bird tickets on sale until September 24:

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