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Skepticon Tickets on Sale and Dr Michael Foley joins our list of Skepticon 2020 speakers

Yes that's right - Skepticon 2020 tickets are on sale now! Early bird tickets are on sale for $30 concession and $50 general.

We are also very excited to have a long time Skeptic and anti-fluoridation myth-buster join our list of speakers, Dr Michael Foley.

Opposition to water fluoridation has been around ever since its implementation in the 1940s with opponents stating anything from impingement of rights to risk and even government mind-control in their arguments.

Dr Michael Foley is a Brisbane dentist, a past President of the Australian Dental Association and an advocate of water fluoridation and public health. He discusses the science and the conspiracies in his talk, “Water fluoridation: Gobs, mobs and nutjobs”.

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