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As you all know we here on the Gold Coast have been planning Skepticon 2020; however, we are having to be quite flexible in our approach to this year's conference. We are currently leaning toward a "mixed model" approach.

What does this mean?

  • Audience members could join us face to face OR online.

  • The number of face-to-face audience members would be dictated by government restrictions and best available evidence to ensure audience safety.

  • We would charge the same amount for both online and face-to-face audience members with an aim of keeping costs as low as possible (for example, $50 for the whole weekend).

  • This would mean that, in the event of a second wave of COVID19 or change in restrictions, we could easily move to a fully online event or open up to allow for more face to face patrons.

Given that none of us are psychic (with Mars in retrograde and so many positive ions in the air right now, my chakras are all out of wack so my psychic abilities are down...) this approach will allow us to be flexible irrespective of what happens over the next few months.

This survey aims to get an idea of how many of our community (i.e. YOU) are willing to come face to face, online, or are open to both options.

This will help us best plan for Skepticon 2020.

Please COMPLETE THIS SURVEY and have your say by the 5th JUNE 2020.

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