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There are lies, damned lies, and then there's statistics!

P-values, linear regressions, Chi-squared – most of us tend to “get” statistics or we don’t. There is a growing pressure for scientists and researchers to understand the importance of statistical analysis; from the formulation of their experimental methods to the final analysis of the null-hypothesis- it all matters. But what errors are commonly made, and how badly can they really go wrong?

Professor Adrian Barnett is a statistician with a degree in statistics and PhD in mathematics- he “gets” stats. Adrian has observed the fallout of poor understanding statistics, which starts from the very beginning of research, rather than just the final computation of relationships of data as many of us assume. His primary interest is health and medical research and believes we can greatly help society by making small, but important, changes to the way we conduct research.

Join Adrian as he helps us to make understand how bad statistics can damage scientific research with his talk at Skepticon 2020, The prevalence and problems of thoughtless statistical analysis.

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