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Their areas of expertise might be microscopic, even sub-atomic, but these speakers are BIG

We are excited to announce two fantastic speakers for this years Skepticon - Dr. Erik Streed and Ross Balch. *excited squeal*.

One of the wonders of Science is how it can take ideas dreamed up in our imaginations and turn them into reality - how it can capture the implausible... and Dr. Erik Streed and his team did exactly that when they captured the first image of a single atom’s shadow. Follow physicist Dr. Streed down the rabbit hole and into the Quantum World with his talk, “Extreme Physics with Single Atoms”.

We have also scored long time Skepticon favourite and local microbe-guru, Ross Balch.

We all know COVID-19 has affected all of us in a significant way (present conference included). This pandemic has been a driver of scientific research and collaboration as we race to understand the mechanisms of the virus and create a vaccine. Unfortunately, it has also propelled a host of pseudoscience and controversy. Mr Ross Balch, a science communicator and researcher of microbial diseases, will explore these issues in his talk, “1000 Years of Pandemics, What Have We Learned?”.

In somewhat sadder news, Mike from Skeptics with a K will not be joining us online this year. However, still have two of three of the highly entertaining and delightfully British Skeptics with a K podcasters to joining online us this year - Marsh and Alice. And personally, I cant wait to hear them!

See the full list of announced speakers here.

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