Anti-Environmental Environmentalists - How Irrational Environmentalists Impede Their Own Cause

Sunday, 25 October 2020, 12:15:00 am UTC

How most modern human societies gather and consume food and energy have placed a tremendous amount of pressure on the natural world. These pressures have manifested itself in the forms of deforestation, topsoil erosion, pollution and climate change. If unchecked, either one of these pressures can destroy both the natural world and modern human societies as we know it.

Fortunately, some people are aware of this self-destructive path and are fighting not only for the protection of the environment but ultimately for our children's children's future. These people, collectively termed "environmentalists" and have done great good in the world. However, there have been instances where environmentalists have impeded their own cause by following ideology rather than taking an evidence-based approach.

Using examples from Australia, this presentation will seek to:

  1. Examine from an evidence-based environmental-perspective heated topics such as genetic engineering, organic farming, vegan ideology, animal rights activists, and nuclear energy;

  2. Highlight contradicting discrepancies and debunk particular positions within the environmental movement regarding these topics; and

  3. Communicate to a broad audience the importance of evidence-based environmentalism as opposed to adopting an environmentalist ideology

Jonas Larsen