Skeptic Activism Workshop

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the vulnerability of concerned humans to the influence of pseudoscience and woo when it comes to health. This is not news to Skeptics who have long been working globally to push back against the social injustice of non-evidence-based healthcare. Jo and Mandy are Australian healthcare practitioners that work in fields of health often targeted by alternative therapies. They have worked separately and together to advocate for evidence-based health care and believe that every Skeptic can achieve great outcomes for the health. In this workshop Jo and Mandy share their strategies for working with healthcare regulators and having impact when taking action for science-based medicine.

  • What’s the harm?

  • Who can advocate for safe and ethical healthcare?

  • The anatomy of a good complaint

  • What to expect from the regulators?

  • Skeptic activism supports social justice issue

Jo Benhamu
Mandy-Lee Noble

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Q Skeptics

Queensland Skeptics Association Inc.