Jane Ubrien (MC)

Jane Ubrien (MC)



Skepticon 2020's fabulous MC

Jane Ubrien hails from the dubious world of media. As a writer of advertising and professional voice actor, Jane is a big fan of the outrageous claim, the miracle cure and all generally suspicious spruiks.

Jane is known for her notoriously unbalanced shakras, bogus biorhythms, and deep contemplation of the big issues, including:

  • Does celery juice come in any other flavour?

  • Will a 5G vaccine cause autism in Siri?

  • And is the unique selling point of Gwyenth Paltrow’s vagina candle really a selling point after all?

Jane has been involved with the Gold Coast Skeptics for the past 3 years, having been roped in to play sound engineer and voice of the Gold Coast Skeptics’ Podcasts.

Jane has been promo voice at SBS, a voice of TV and radio ads, documentaries, and animations throughout Australia and around the world. Recently she was asked by a Norwegian video game creator to voice a character as a ‘female, dwarf, Michael Cain’. (To some, that may seem an unusual request.)

Spending most of her time as other people, luckily, she sounds taller than she looks.

When she’s not locked away in a sound proof booth, Jane is out and about in the community as the president of the Sydney Spectres LGBTQI basketball club. Through this community outlet, Jane has honed skills as a master cat herder and has earned the title of, ‘Queen of the Gays’.

Jane’s first M.C. gig happened when she was at a basketball tournament, and just before vanishing, the organiser handed her the microphone and said, ‘can you M.C. this?’

Jane Ubrien (MC)