Jonas Larsen

Jonas Larsen



Jonas Larsen is an Environmental Scientist, trained in ecology and soil biogeochemistry, and has a keen interest in environmental conservation, scientific research and science communication. In addition to environmental conservation, Jonas has a passion for promoting critical thinking amongst the public and within the environmental movement. This has led him to encourage more evidence-based environmentalism as opposed to environmentalist ideology throughout his career.

Jonas is a published author in peer-reviewed scientific research and science communication articles for the general public. Academically, Jonas has published on the topics of soil and environmental science, while having made commentaries for a wide range of issues surrounding the environment. Jonas has presented at numerous conferences such as the National Soil Conference and National Stormwater Conference regarding his research. His current occupation mostly deals with preventing or remediating environmental contamination on a range of projects as a consultant.

In his science communication, Jonas has discussed from an evidence-based environmental perspective genetic engineering, organic farming, vegan ideology, animal rights activists, and nuclear energy in a feature article for The Skeptic Magazine.

Stepping outside of the environmental field, Jonas successfully orchestrated a collaboration between the fields of dietetics and paleoanthropology for an article in The Skeptic Magazine discussing claims from vegan ideology and carnivore diet enthusiasts regarding the human dietary niche, showcasing his skills as a science communicator and writer.

With his background in science and his abilities as a communicator, Jonas seeks to contribute toward environmental conservation, promote critical thinking throughout the general public and optimise the environmental movement through public engagement.

Jonas Larsen