Annie McCubbin

Wellness, women and woo

Annie McCubbin will discuss how the pandemic has given wellness marketers the perfect platform to sell woo, especially to women. From COVID-resistant exercise pants, positive affirmations to help you ‘choose wellness’, and COVID-fighting vitamins to save you from toxic vaccines, the options to spend money and ignore science are endless. So, how do we increase scientific literacy so that consumers can protect their health and wallets against pseudoscience?


Annie McCubbin is an actor, writer, director and corporate communication consultant and coach. In 2001, combining disciplines of communication, theatre practices, and critical thinking, she diversified into the corporate sector, writing, directing and performing in corporate dramas, and training captains of industry from professional services, engineering, pharma, food and finance. Her corporate work is a synthesis of dramatic art, management consulting, and applied neuroscience. While her grander visions are about getting more women on boards, in parliament and closing the gender pay gap, she’s also hoping to see her son and daughter enjoy a future in which decisions that influence the lives of millions are made with reason, evidence and sagacity, rather than unconscious bias, woo and superstition. She is the author of the 2021 book “Why Smart Women Make Bad Decisions … and how critical thinking can protect them”.