Dr Johanna Nalau

Adaptation to climate change: the what, why, and how

Adaptation to climate change is inevitable given many climate impacts have already been locked in and will continue to unfold. But what is adaptation exactly? This presentation unpacks this concept and also highlights some of the emerging and exciting ideas how we can thrive in a changing world.


Dr Johanna Nalau is an award-winning adaptation scientist who thrives on finding clues how humans can better see into the future and make robust decisions today for a more resilient and adapted future. Her Australian Research Council DECRA research focuses on understanding climate adaptation decision heuristics and the role these play in adaptation decision- and policy-making processes globally and nationally. Dr Nalau is lead author in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 6th Assessment report in Working Group II (Chapter 15 Small Islands), co-chair of the Science Committee of the World Adaptation Science Program, and leads the Adaptation Science Research Theme at Cities Research Institute, Griffith University.